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University Admission Services

The complete service package at the BEAMS is exceptionally financially savvy and appropriate to the assorted scholastic interests of students. With the backup of highly skilled staff and capable foundation, BEAMS offers students the most ideal study bundle in simultaneousness with your necessities, both budgetary and curriculumwise. BEAMS provide guidance for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT and provide probable list of Universities across the globe to identify the right course, taking into account the academic background of students, financial capabilities and subject of interest. Furthermore BEAMS will assist the students in completing their application process and follow up to secure the admission.

Strategic Planning and Development

The BEAMS have highly skilled innovative strategic planning consultants. Our team can develop an integrated strategic plan for universities and colleges that builds clarity and consensus among you on a critical game plan for the future of the success of your business. Our approach is team based and orchestrated to involve all the key stakeholders which will pave way to augment a successful implementation.

Quality Assurance

The Beams act as a consultancy service provider for Educational institute seeking accreditation and applying for quality standards from regulators. We provide advice and consultancy on quality assurance and assist in the documentation. Our highly skilled consulting staff will assist in further institutional development.

Strategic HR Planning

In HR Management Strategic planning is a vital component. The Beams provide Educational providers consultancy services to build up their strategic plan that guides them in successfully meeting their missions. The Beam approach in HR strategic planning consultancy focuses on the overall purpose of the HR strategic plan ensuring adequate human resources to meet the strategic goals by assessing the current HR capacity, forecasting the requirements, identifying the gap analysis and further developing the HR strategies to support the organizational strategies.

Quality Assurance

The Beams provide appropriate guidance and assistance in the acquisition of resource hardware and software to maximize the application and integration of Information & Communications Technologies in the teaching and learning environments in Universities and colleges, as well as support of technological systems designed for administrative support. Our services will include evaluation of the technology support systems, the effectiveness of currently available systems and further assist in coordination and ordering acquisitions.